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Under its own brand name RONAIR®, CYAGO offers standard and customised drying and blowing solutions for your food products at minimal blowing cost and with minimal impact on the environment.

RONAIR, Drying food products, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

The RONAIR machines are the solution for food, petfood and industrial applications. They are developed to suit the specific needs and requirements of every client. Food products such as ready meals, pouches, bottles, cans, jars,  … Industrial products including cables, sealing profiles, spray bottles, ….

Drying your food products

Depending on the products to dry, we offer specific  configurations for drying your food products. Our systems guarantee an optimal blowing capacity at a minimal cost and with minimal impact on the environment. Engineering and design are also done with constant striving for safety and quality improvement.

To guarantee the best possible solution, we discuss every project in detail with our customers.

RONAIR® comes in three versions

RONAIR® Pouch Dryer

The Ronair Pouch Dryer is a drying system specially designed for drying pouches. We achieve a drying rate of 97% where we even get the bottom of the pouch dry. It can be adapted to different types of pouches.

RONAIR® FoodPack Dryer

The Ronair Foodpack Dryer is a standard drying system for products between a well defined size and weigth range, according to the  common requirments of the customer and the production line.

RONAIR® MultiPack Dryer

The Ronair Multipack Dryer is a drying system designed according to the specific customer requirements, the specifications of the production line and the shape of the product to be dried.

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RONAIR® in action

This video shows a solution for drying feta cheese. We chose this video because it nicely shows the drying process of a basic machine. There were low sound requirements and as you see a low line speed.

Mind you, the video shows one of the endless possibilities. RONAIR® is fully customisable to your specific needs.

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