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Technical Talent – Project Engineer

Do you want to help build new installations?

Installations that can make a world of difference in may production processes. 

Are you looking forward to a fun, innovative working environment?

CYAGO has a cyan organisational structure in which personal initiative is central, in order to achieve optimal solutions together.  You can be yourself and you can challenge others to be themselves too.

Are you looking for a challenging job?

CYAGO  has a number of roles and responsibilities on offer.  These can be taken up by you, according to your own talents.

What might these talents be?

Technical sense and drawing – to jump in on Inventor drawing work. 

Designing, resourcefulness, imagination and sense of detail – to design the most perfect drying installation tailored to the customer’s needs.

Planning, using hands and working independently – to build our in-house test rigs and to assemble and test the drawn-out installations. 

Helpfulness – to provide technical support where needed. 

Problem-solving ability – to carry out maintenance and repairs. 

Being communicative and transferring information – to build good cooperation with collegues, customers and suppliers.   

Ability to connect – to assist clients before, during and after interventions. 

Curiosity – to learn every day.

Enthusiasm and team player – to help build our cyan business structure.

Will you become the new Project Engineer?

Call or write to us soon.

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