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The stories of YOBO – You only blow once!

Everything happens in that one short passage. YOBO symbolises the dedication, the zeal and the passion to optimally dry or blow the product in just one step. First time lucky! In doing so, we minimise energy consumption and noise, and strive for maximum efficiency.

In our stories, we share that knowledge with you and keep you up to date with the latest news.

Our solutions

Our stories give you the information, one of these four CYAGO applications gives you the solution:

RONAIR® offers machines for drying & blowing off food packaging and industrial applications.

 OCTRON® offers installations to blow off remaining plastic granules of trucks in line with Operation Clean Sweep (OCS).

DRYCUP® offers solutions for drying reusable drinking cups. Reduce the plastic waste in the world.

Jetblack® offers safe, user-friendly systems that employees can use to dedust themselves without the use of unsafe compressed air.

Our solutions