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Up to 80% savings possible on 65% of compressed air consumption

Did you know that approximately 10% of the total energy consumption of industry in Europe is attributed to generating compressed air?  This is significant.

Compressed air plays a crucial role in industrial applications and is often utilized for various purposes.  Let’s take a look at the distribution of compressed air usage:

  • Blowing applications: 50%
  • Pneumatic actuators: 20%
  • Leakage: 15%
  • Various: 10%
  • Worktools: 5%

It’s interesting to note that blowing holds the largest share in compressed air usage.  This can range from air blowers for cleaning to air pressure for transportation purposes.  Pneumatic actuators, such as pneumatic cylinders, are also important for motion control in machinery and systems.  Minimizing leakage is logically essential to prevent energy wastage.

In addition to the 15% consumption due to leakage, focus can be placed on the 50% consumption in blowing applications. The significant portion of compressed air usage in blowing applications can be attributed to various factors, which you can read about in the following link ‘5 main reasons for the enormous consumption in blowing applications with compressed air’.

‘Compressed air versus blower driven systems for continuous air applications’

Discover here the comparison in energy costs and the benefits, such as the use of ambient air and safety issues (‘The 5 biggest dangers of compressed air’).

Replace blowing with compressed air with other air sources.

If your company has blowing applications that require a continuous airflow, such as for drying, cooling, or blowing away water (‘Importance of drying during production’), dust, coolant, and other contaminants, or for blowing away dust or other contaminants on the work clothing of employees (Blow Cleaning of personnel), the choice of your air system is very important. When blowing with air from blower-powered systems, more than 80% energy savings can be achieved compared to compressed air.

This means that mapping out the blowing applications and leakages within the company provides the opportunity to save more than 80% here!

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