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The 5 biggest dangers of compressed air

There are many safety measures, but the risks associated with compressed air are often underestimated.  Many workers use compressed air to blow dust off their clothes and bodies.  But many dangers of compressed air are simular to the risks of unsafe diving.  After all, high pressure can cause various serious illnesses!

Why is it dangerous to clean clothes with compressed air?

  • The force with which the air exits the gun can cause skin wounds.
  • When compressed air is blown into the mouth, the lungs, stomach or intestines can rupture.
  • Compressed air can enter the body through the navel, even trough a layer of clothing, and rupture the intestines.
  • Compressed air can enter the bloodstream and cause an embolism with serious to fatal consequences.  If the air bubble enters the brain it can cause a stroke and in the heart it can lead to a heart attack.
  • If the compressed air is directed towards the eye, it can blow out an eye.
What should you use instead of compressed air?
Our Jetblack system is powewed by a blower and delivers a large volume of air at a relatively low pressure.  This allows the Jetblack to be directed safely at any part of the body (except the eyes and ears).

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