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OCTRON® blows trucks pellet-free

Octron blows trucks pellet-free, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions
OCTRON logo, Blowing off pellets on trucks, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

OCTRON – Operation Clean Truck

That plastic pollution is a major problem for our planet is now widely accepted. Plastic ends up in our natural environment in all shapes and sizes, which is particularly harmful for fauna and flora, and for human beings. Think, for example, of the so-called ‘plastic soup’, the enormous concentrations of waste floating around in the seas and oceans.

The causes of this pollution are varied. One of them is the industrial leakage of pellets, small plastic granules of about twenty milligrams, which literally and figuratively form the building blocks of many plastic products. From bottles, packaging, toys and work materials. From sewage pipes to rubber ducks: you name it! Companies in the wide-ranging plastics industry lose or ‘spill’ pellets on their sites and during transportation, then they end up in the environment, in watercourses, in the sea. It looks a bit like confetti blown away after a party… but there is nothing festive about it. According to experts, 230,000 tonnes of pellets are lost globally every year, which equates to 1150 billion pellets. Again: annually. These are figures that really make your head spin.

Operation Clean Sweep (OCS), Blowing off pellets on trucks, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions
Blowing off pellets on trucks, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

Years ago, an international action plan was launched, ‘Operation Clean Sweep‘ (OCS). It aims to encourage companies to prevent their pellet losses as much as possible, preferably to reduce them to zero. The ultimate goal is clear: zero pellet loss. Many companies worldwide have already joined this programme. In this way, they are not only acting responsibly for the environment, but also improving their own efficiency and corporate image. So it’s a win-win.

How can CYAGO help?

The loss of pellets occurs at every stage, during production, processing, recycling and last but not least during transportation. When trucks are filled with thousands of kilograms of pellets through their manhole, a lot of pellets always fall around that hole. When the vehicles then drive away from the industrial site, these pellets end up on public roads and in the countryside. In each case, this involves a lot of pellet loss, which has a significant impact. The OCS plan therefore proposes that filled trucks should first be ‘blown off’ before transportation. And whoever says ‘blowing off’ of course says CYAGO.

The launch of OCTRON

We enthusiastically launched our own ‘operation’, Operation Clean Truck (OCT), to free trucks from their pellets and to fight against plastic pollution. In another moment of enthusiasm, we drew up a sophisticated truck blow-off system and named it OCTRON. This is a combination of OCT and RON, a reference to our RONAIR blowing system with which we clean the vehicle. More specifically, this installation consists of a tunnel with air knives. You can compare it to a carwash, but with air (and without tokens). The truck drives slowly through it and is blown clean in that short time. The plastic granules are collected in a grid on the ground and can in this way be recovered. Then, the truck can go on its way without any granules on it. OCTRON is a triumphal arch, for company and the environment.

We have already installed a number of similar installations, with successful results. And we are ready to help your company in the quest to combat pellet loss. In this way, together we can take a small but important step towards a plastic-free environment. After all, if everyone puts their own house in order, we will achieve a cleaner world, right?

Blowing off pellets on trucks, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

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