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A healthier work environment in the recycling industry


Why the need for an air shower? 

At a typical recycling company, such as VEOLIA, a world leader in recycling, you can dispose of various waste streams, including residual waste, bulky waste, construction waste, stone waste, wood and green waste. The waste disposal process inevitably creates a very dusty environment.

Therefore, it is crucial for these companies to make sure that employees’ clothing is dust-free. Keeping the dust inside the work zone keeps the environment around it healthier. An air shower significantly reduces workers’ exposure to dust, helping to reduce or even eliminate dust-related occupational diseases in the recycling industry. 

When working with hazardous dust, the risk of skin contact or inhalation while changing clothes is minimised.

Why choosing CYAGO?

CYAGO’s expertise helps customers with their solution. The ability to test the air showers is an important feature. Proper operation can be assessed immediately. CYAGO’s air showers are a safer alternative than compressed air showers, moreover, they are also a more energy-efficient alternative.

The QHSE Officer: ‘We are extremely satisfied with the operation of the personal cleaning booth. We have received great response from our employees but also from guests visiting our company.’

The hybrid air shower is the best option

The hybrid air shower is very easy to use. The dust is automatically blown off the clothing and extracted at the bottom into the filter unit. Hard-to-remove dust can be blown off even more accurately with the additional manual pistol. A total solution that easily finds its way into the world of recycling.

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