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Why OCS – Operation Clean Sweep?

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Sure! Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) is an industry-led initiative aimed at reducing losses of plastic granules, flakes and powders in the plastics industry to prevent their release into the environment. The main focus is on handling plastic resins, where small plastic granules, also known as granules, flakes or powders, can escape into the environment and contribute to plastic pollution.

The project includes implementing best management practices to contain, recover and properly dispose of these materials to prevent them from becoming marine waste. OCS provides guidelines and recommendations for companies to apply in their handling processes, including proper storage, transport and disposal procedures to minimise loss of plastic pellets.

By applying the principles of OCS, companies can help reduce plastic pollution and protect ecosystems.

The programme emphasises the importance of responsibly handling and managing plastic materials to protect the environment and wildlife.

Why does it fit into the programme of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Yes, the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) initiative can certainly be linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially SDG 14 – Living in water and SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production.

SDG 14 – Life in water: OCS contributes to protecting oceans, seas and the life in them by reducing plastic pollution. By preventing plastic pellets from entering waterways, it helps protect marine life and underwater ecosystems.

SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production: Operation Clean Sweep promotes responsibility in plastic production and consumption. It emphasises the importance of minimising loss of plastic materials during production processes and using plastic wisely to reduce waste and pollution.

By tackling plastic pollution and promoting the circular economy, OCS aligns with the broader goals of sustainability and promoting responsible consumption and production, and protecting ecosystems and biodiversity, as set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Development Goals
Blowing off pellets on trucks, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

Why do the OCTRON blow-off units for trucks transporting plastic pellets meet the OCS?

The OCTRON blow-off systems for trucks transporting plastic pellets contribute to compliance with Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) principles in several ways:

  1. Loss prevention: In many cases the roofs, mudguards and trailer frames of trucks being loaded at the silos, stay covered with plastic pellets due to spill.  An OCTRON blow-off system will blow off and collect these pellets, before the trucks head for the road. 
  2. Compliance with OCS guidelines: The use of such installations is in line with Operation Clean Sweep guidelines, which aim to minimise the loss of plastic granules, flakes and powders in the plastics industry. By using this technology, companies demonstrate their commitment to responsible handling of plastic materials.

In short, blow-off systems help prevent waste of plastic granules and reduce the risk of plastic contamination during transportation, which is in line with OCS’s goals of reducing the impact of plastics on the environment.

How does CYAGO nv help with this?

CYAGO wants to cooperate and be involved in the plastics industry’s efforts to implement the OCS guidelines. CYAGO wants to contribute to reducing plastic pollution and wants to support the goals of OCS. OCTRON truck blow-off systems are designed so that no spilled plastic pellets leave the blow-off tunnel ZERO WASTE. In consultation with the customer, options are determined so that their OCTRON tunnel meets their implementation of OCS guidelines. That way everyone is happy, the environment, society, the customer and us, CYAGO nv.

Blowing off pellets on trucks, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

We are proud that some companies have already taken responsability:

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