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CYAGO: what’s in a name?

CYAGO: what's in a name?, Drying and blowing solutions


CYAGO NV first saw the light of day at the beginning of 2021. However, we took our first steps much earlier than that as our company is a former business unit of Almeco NV (Moeskroen), which began in 2001. So, we were twenty years old when we were born! Who else can say that?

Reinventing Organisations, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

When we were founded, we opted for a non-traditional ‘cyan’ company structure, a model that was developed a few years ago by the Belgian organisational expert Frederic Laloux in his book “Reinventing Organisations”.

He called his concept ‘cyan’, a colour that is found midway between green and blue. In such an organisation, there are three pillars. The first is “self-management” there is less hierarchy, decisions are made after consultation and there is room for self-correction. There are no job descriptions set in stone either, but multiple roles that match the employee’s skills and interests. The second factor is “wholeness”. The employees must be able to be themselves, and there is a commitment to work atmosphere and relaxation.

Finally, the third pillar is the belief in an “evolutionary purpose”: the organisation does not predict and plan but works naturally towards a goal. It is not an unstoppable machine, but a group of people who can adjust and adapt at any time. Or as Laloux writes:”Strategy happens organically, all the time, everywhere, as people play with ideas and test them out in the field”. All of these ideas appealed to us enormously. And so, full of conviction and with a loud ‘GO’, we decided on cyanic organisation. Hence the name CYAGO, in capital letters.

Our co-founder Johan Wyckaert (CEO) explains:

With such a cyan structure, we want to make our company a fun and stimulating place. We aim for “satisfaction”: for us as employees and for our customers. That is the keyword. What really appeals to us is the opportunity to bring our own authenticity back to and into our work and to work together towards a common goal. The power of freedom, trust, respect for each other and agility will make CYAGO a strong company. We are convinced of that.

In short, what’s in a name?  In ours, actually a lot!

Co-founder Johan Wyckaert (CEO), CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

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Dedication, diligence and passion are synonymous with our ‘YOBO’ spirit (“You Only Blow Once”).

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