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3 Key elements of being an EXPERT in DRYING and BLOWING off

1) Realizing a positive impact, is the driving force.

2) Continuously growing expertise and knowlegde.

3) For these drying and blow-off solutions, we use high-speed air. 

We implement our drying and blow-off solutions in 8 steps (see the “How we work” page).  During this process, communication and involvement with the customer is kept as high as possible.  our expertise in this matter is often praised, especially during testing in our test workshop.  Our customers regard us as an expert in drying and blowing.  And this is true.  We are happy and proud to hear that our customers call us an expert in drying and blowing off.  

We attribute this to our drive of giving a positive impact in everything we do.  In this way, we want to use our expertise of blowing air at speed to take a step forward with or at the customer, to create a better result.

This is how we help our clients

– make their drying applications more performant

save on their energy consumption a.o. by eliminating compressed air. 

reduce their costly unnecesssary fallout in production.

– blowing plastic pellets off their trucks so they don’t end up in nature.  This is how we help them to comply with Operation Clean Sweep, part of the 17 Sustainble Development Goals’.  

– keep their work cloths and work environment cleaner, …

We also want to give our expertise a positive impact.


This expertise grows by

  • going in dialogue with customers,
  • analyzing the customer’s existing situation,
  • testing in our test lab and communicationg reports, 
  • our realizations, …


We keep asking ourselves the questions

  • What is going well?
  • What can we improve 


This is how we boost our expertise to the next level.

This way, we remain an expert and we are grateful to be able to help clients move forward.

Let your drying or blowing needs
become our goal

Dedication, diligence and passion are synonymous with our ‘YOBO’ spirit (“You Only Blow Once”).

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