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Excellent test results for drying Tetrapack packaging

Tetra Pak drying solutions

CYAGO regularly conducts tests in their test laboratory to improve the drying process, or rather the blowing off of droplets on packaging. This is a crucial part of their development and innovation process. In a test lab, different aspects of the blow-off process can be examined under controlled conditions.  We make it possible to identify and refine the most effective methods. 

This can include:

  1. Testing different air jet configurations: By experimenting with different types of air jets, pressure levels and angles, one can find the most effective configuration for removing water droplets without damaging the packaging.
  2. Analysis of material reactions: Different materials react differently to blow-off methods. Testing various Tetra Pak materials helps develop tailor-made solutions for these specific packaging types.
  3. Production speed evaluation: It is important to strike a balance between production line speed and blow-off process effectiveness. Testing can help determine how fast the air jet can operate without affecting efficiency.
  4. Optimising energy consumption: At a time when sustainability is becoming increasingly important, it is essential to find solutions that are not only effective, but also energy-efficient.
  5. Ensuring food safety: As Tetra Pak is often used for food and beverage packaging.  All blow-off methods must meet strict food safety standards.

By researching and adapting these aspects in their test lab, CYAGO can refine their technologies to be as efficient and effective as possible.  We  also meet the high demands of the food and beverage industry. This kind of continuous innovation and improvement is crucial for maintaining high quality and safety standards in the packaging industry.

Tetrapack Packaging

Recent tests in our test lab have focused on drying tetrapack packs. In detailed tests on 1-litre milk packs with screw cap and without, we have made interesting progress.

The attached test report illustrates these positive results. We invited the customer into this test phase. This allowed him to see for himself that these results exceed expectations. The positive results show that we are on the right track to set new standards in this specific domain.

Tetra Pack test result
Tetra Pack test result

In summary, these tests show that at a speed of 27m/min and with a double arrangement of the air knife configuration.  The drying results are obtained that are between 94.54% and 97.75% drying result, this according to the type of tetrapack packaging.

And remember, CYAGO continues to aim for improved drying results, whatever the packaging….

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