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5 Main reasons for the enormous consumption in blowing applications with compressed air

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The fact that the largest usage of compressed air occurs in blowing applications is often surprising to people who are accustomed to associating compressed air mainly with cylinders, actuators, and air-powered tools. Here are the 5 main reasons why blowing with compressed air constitutes such a significant portion of compressed air consumption:

  1. High Volume Flow: In blowing applications, compressed air is used to move large volumes of air at high speeds. This requires significant amounts of compressed air, even if the pressure is relatively low.
  2. Various Applications: Blowing applications are used in various industries for many diverse purposes, such as surface cleaning, material cooling, product transportation, package drying, etc. These broad application areas contribute to the large consumption of compressed air.
  3. Continuous Operation: In many cases, blowing applications are used continuously, meaning that the delivery of compressed air must be constant to meet the demands of the application. This can result in a significant cumulative consumption of compressed air over a certain period.
  4. Efficiency Issues: Often, blowing applications are not optimized for efficiency, which can lead to excessive compressed air consumption. For example, the use of inefficient blowing nozzles can result in the wastage of compressed air.
  5. Lower Awareness: Compared to other applications of compressed air, such as cylinders and actuators, there may be less awareness of the potential consumption of compressed air in blowing applications. As a result, optimization opportunities are often overlooked.

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