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Preventive maintenance drying system

Preventive maintenance drying system, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions
Preventive maintenance drying system, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions


Preventive maintenance of drying system is crucial for the proper functioning of your machines!

There is only one way to ensure the safe and effective performance of your machines and that is by regularly checking, cleaning, replacing parts, … in other words, regularly maintaining them.

Below, you can read why your Ronair or ACI drying system requires preventive maintenance and what factors are most important

Why do you need preventive maintenance of your drying system?

The main reason to invest in regular check-ups is that it substantially extends the life of your machine. That way, you will get the maximum return from your investment.

Secondly, you reduce the risk of unexpected machine downtime, something that can severely affect your production. You can use your time much more optimally and efficiently by planning regular interventions.

As an employer, you want to keep the working environment as safe as possible. If you do not have your machines serviced regularly, your employees run major safety risks. After all, machines won’t work properly, so safety cannot be guaranteed. Preventive maintenance optimizes safety in the working environment, something that can only benefit you and your employees.

Another great advantage of preventive action is the financial benefit you gain. You think you can save money in the short term by postponing maintenance or repairs. However in the long run this will result in much larger investments, which could easily have been avoided by means of frequent inspections and cleaning. So you can save a lot of money by planning regular maintenance and purchasing spare parts in a structured manner.

Finally, preventive maintenance is also important for the overall image of your company. Machines that are well maintained and therefore run smoothly, result in high quality products. Your customers will be satisfied and the credibility and reliability of your company will increase. And is that not the basic requirement for any well-functioning company?

Preventive maintenance drying system, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions
Preventive maintenance drying system, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

What are the risks?

We would like to emphasize the importance of preventive maintenance of our own Ronair or ACI drying systems. What can you expect if you neglect regular maintenance? The answer is short and powerful: your entire production process will suffer.

Regular checks and cleaning prevent filters from clogging, additional pipe losses, obstructing the passage of the products, or preventing certain elements from being set correctly. These can cause serious delays in your production process or even the need to stop it altogether.

In this way you also avoid premature excessive wear and tear, so the life span of the drying system will not be shortened significantly. All this could lead to high costs even before you can get the maximum return on your investment.

CYAGO has extensive knowledge and experience in airknife technology. We like to assist companies in their quest for zero pellet loss. One of our customers wanted a solution for their pellet waste. The large international oil company loads trucks with polymer pellets via manholes. During the filling process, pellets are always left behind around the manholes, which then fall off the truck and end up in nature. With our help, a blow-off tunnel with air knives, blower, piping and an electrical cabinet was installed. When a truck passes through the tunnel, the air knives blow off the pellets, which are then collected, recovered and valorised. This brings them another step closer to zero pellet loss. Read more about this specific case here.

How does the maintenance work?

First of all, before carrying out inspection or maintenance, it is important that the entire installation is switched off and disconnected. It is very dangerous to inspect or maintain the machine while there is a risk that one of the engines may restart. Make sure you take all necessary measures to prevent this from happening.

Our drying systems must undergo the following checks and cleaning procedures:

  • Monthly check of the blower’s internal filters and replace them twice a year.
  • Regular visual inspection and cleaning of the entire machine
  • Daily cleaning of the ‘wet area’ in the dryer
  • Regular inspection & maintenance of transport systems (belt, chain, cords, etc.)
  • Regular lubrication of the bearings.

As soon as excessive wear is detected on a particular component, it must be replaced. It is best to call in the help of CYAGO. After all, we are the specialists of our machines and the only ones who can guarantee an optimal repair. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists!

We would like to end with the following message: the above overview for maintenance is only useful in a normal working environment. If a machine has to run in a highly contaminated environment, then this can have a negative impact on its proper functioning and the machine needs to be checked and serviced more frequently.

Preventive maintenance drying system, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

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