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Drying installation for glass jars

This Ronair® drying installation is specifically designed to dry glass jars filled with, for example, sauce.

Our customer, a large international food producer, was looking for a drying system that was able to remove residual water drops from glass jars. After the pasteurisation treatment, the products were still too wet to stick labels and print the best-before date. In addition, the jars also had to be dry in order to prevent bacteria from developing in hard-to-reach places such as under the lid and to be able to wrap them in cardboard. The drying system had to be mounted directly in the production line.

The installation we developed for this purpose is equipped with three units: the dryer unit, the blower unit and the electrical unit. The blower unit is located directly on the dryer unit and forms one entity. The electrical cabinet is mounted on the blower unit and has a hygienic design.

Drying Unit

The drying unit consists of a cap dryer and two drying modules. The cap dryer ensures that the water on and under the lid is blown off. The two drying modules are positioned along the side to blow off the rest of the product. Spindles ensure that the cap dryer is adjustable in height and the drying modules in width.

This unit has been specially developed so that an inclined conveyor can be built into the dryer.

In addition to an acoustic tunnel at the entrance and exit of the machine, the drying module is also equipped with acoustic sound panels in the doors to prevent excessive noise levels during operation.

Blower Unit

The blower unit consists of a maintenance free blower with a capacity of 15kW. The blower has two replaceable filters on the outside. In order to meet the noise requirement of 75 dB (A), acoustic sound panels are provided in the blower compartment.

Electrical Cabinet

The electrical cabinet consists of a frequency control for the blower. The control is carried out via a start/stop on the electrical cabinet, a start/stop on the machine or via external signals from the customer.

This installation is custom designed and has some special features:

  • Adjustable width & height
  • Integrated installation: blower unit and dryer unit are integrated into one installation
  • Noise reduction: thanks to the acoustic tunnel and the acoustic sound panels, the machine respects the noise limits (< 75dB (A)) at all times.
  • Raised chassis: chassis has been widened for greater stability
  • Easily mounted around existing line

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