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Drying system for pet food pouches

Drying system for doypacks pet food, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

The installation we developed for this purpose consists of 2 units: a blower box and a dryer box.

  • The maintenance-free blower has 2 replaceable filters. The electrical cabinet is mounted directly on the blower box and consists of 2 frequency controls.
  • The dryer unit is driven by a chain conveyor. It transports the grate with doypacks through the installation using 2 chain systems on both sides of the conveyor. The pouches are dried up to 99% by means of various air knives.

Both modules are equipped with a complete enclosure with acoustic sound panels to avoid noise nuisance during operation.

This installation was custom designed and has some special features:

  • The blower box is located on the dryer unit and forms a single structure.
  • A chain conveyor is used to transport the grate.
  • The upper part can be tilted up through a hinge system with counterweights.
  • Security mechanism ensures safe cleaning.
  • Acoustic panels avoid noise nuisance.


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