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Drying packaged cheese with Ronair@ Pouch Dryer

Industry : Cheese and dairy producer
Volume : 30 sets/min
Application : Blow off water droplets after sterilisation
Line Speed : max. 10,5 m/min
Conveyor : in line, width ± 50 mm, height ± 900 mm
Product : String of 6 cups of 25 gr

Field of application

A French cheese and dairy producer specialising in tasty cheeses such as Caprice des Dieux, Saint Albray & Cœur d Lion, needed a dryer to blow off all the excess water droplets from the pots of cheese just rolling out of the steriliser. Without drying them first, major problems would arise during packaging. The cardboard sleeves could easily tear.


Concerns of the customer

  • Obviously the water that remained on the jars after sterilisation had to be removed.
  • At the customer’s request, particular consideration had to be given to the fact
      • that there was limited space available in the line.
      • And it had to be easy to remove the blower from the machine for maintenance or service



After a serie of tests in the lab and its validation by the client, CYAGO was able to design a compact machine based on the RONAIR@ Pouch Dryer which is very easy for the client, a cheese company, to use and maintain.

In response to the limited space, we built a small and compact drying tunnel to fit into the existing line.  And, to the great enthusiasm of the customer, we succeeded in keeping the noise level low. Last but not least, the containers are at least 95% dry every time.

Happy customer in 3 reasons:

Compact design

Easy access for maintenance

Drying result

                                                     « on voit bien que ce n’est pas le premier sécheur que vous faites, vous avez fait un bon job! », a happy client.

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