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A compact solution for craft brewery

A compact solution for craft brewery, RONAIR® Drying & blowing technology, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

CYAGO presents its unique drying solution, specifically designed for craft brewery.

Do you also experience the difficulty of drying your bottles and cans before printing or packaging?

CYAGO offers the complete solution for this problem: a compact all-in-one system with centrifugal blowers. The machine for bottles (Cb-B) uses modular air knives for blowing off the sides of the bottles. The machine is able to reach a speed up to 10.000 bottles per hour. The difference with the machine for cans (Cb-C) is that the latter also has air knives on the upper side and an acoustic enclosure. This one reaches a speed up to 6.000 cans per hour. Furthermore, the drying solution doesn’t take a lot of space in the production line. The whole package is delivered for a very competitive price.

What are your drying or blowing needs?

Contact us if you would like us to perform drying tests on your product.