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PET bottle dryer

PET bottle dryer, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

Our customer, market leader AB InBev, was looking for a solution to eliminate water drops off of big PET bottles with different sizes ranging from 6 to 18 liters.

Special attention had to be paid to the drying of the cap and valve at the top of the bottle.

Moreover, to ensure adequate visibility in the factory we also had to take account of a limited height for the machine.

Therefore we set up two separate modules, joint together by a rigid piping connection in stainless steel. The smaller module contains a blower, filter and control unit. In the other, longer one we installed a drying module that is adjustable to the different bottle formats (diameter and height). This module consists of airknives to dry the bodies of the bottles, as well as nozzles and drying plates to dry the cap and valve.

The drying plates were designed on the basis of tests performed in our laboratory and developed using 3D print technology.


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