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Drying pouches inline with the Ronair@ Pouch Dryer

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Drying pouches inline with the Ronair@ Pouch Dryer

Ronair@ Pouch Dryer

Field of application The customer is Nordic largest contract manufacturer of food products based in Finland.  Pouches are one of the most important types of packaging for them.  A campaign has been set up named ‘Pouch to Go’ to promote the pouch packaging.  That’s what they call ‘An excellent package for new products’.  They installed […]

Drying packaged cheese with Ronair@ Pouch Dryer

Field of application A French cheese and dairy producer specialising in tasty cheeses such as Caprice des Dieux, Saint Albray & Cœur d Lion, needed a dryer to blow off all the excess water droplets from the pots of cheese just rolling out of the steriliser. Without drying them first, major problems would arise during […]

Drying solution for vacuum-packed sausages (2)

We developed an installation that consists of a blower box with a maintenance-free blower and filters, with a specialized dryer unit underneath. The dryer unit is equipped with a top and bottom conveyor with air knives to dry both sides of the vacuum-packed sausages. The conveyor belt has 20 easily replaceable cords. The requirement for […]

Hygienic drying system for cheese wheels

Because the installation comes into contact with unpacked food, hygiene plays an important role. Wet food products can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the drying installation must be cleaned daily. This presented an additional challenge. All the nooks and crannies of the machine had to be easily accessible for cleaning. The installation we […]

Retrofitted drying solution for baby food pouches

CYAGO°Dopyack Ronair

So they asked us to retrofit the existing Ronair drying installation to dry pouches for baby food. The installation should have a capacity of 49 pouches per minute and the possibility to dry four different sizes. This installation is custom designed and has some special features: Adjustable in height Retrofitted installation Complete enclosure with acoustic […]

Drying installation for glass jars

This Ronair® drying installation is specifically designed to dry glass jars filled with, for example, sauce. Our customer, a large international food producer, was looking for a drying system that was able to remove residual water drops from glass jars. After the pasteurisation treatment, the products were still too wet to stick labels and print […]

Drying installation for ready meals

The drying system had to be installed directly in the production line. This line is used for several types and sizes of products. That’s why the biggest challenge was to design a system that could dry the varied product sizes consistently. This installation was custom designed and has some special features: Drying of multiple product […]

Drying solution for vacuum-packed sausages

The vacuum-packed sausages arrived through two production lines, so the system had to have two separate tracks. The installation we developed for this purpose is equipped with three units: the dryer unit, the blower unit and the electrical unit. The dryer unit consists of two conveyor tracks that are driven by an upper and lower […]

Drying system for plastic containers

The installation we developed for this purpose consists of 2 separate units: a blower box and a dryer box. The maintenance-free blower has 2 replaceable filters. The electrical cabinet is mounted directly on the blower box and is controlled via a central PLC of the customer. The dryer unit consists of a system in which […]

PET bottle dryer

PET bottle dryer, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

Our customer, market leader AB InBev, was looking for a solution to eliminate water drops off of big PET bottles with different sizes ranging from 6 to 18 liters. Special attention had to be paid to the drying of the cap and valve at the top of the bottle. Moreover, to ensure adequate visibility in […]

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