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OCTRON® operation clean truck

Under its own brand OCTRON®, CYAGO provides solutions for Operation Clean Truck in keeping with our mission, values and ‘YOBO’-spirit.  These installations blow plastic granules off trucks and provide a solution for the OCS project, Operation Clean Sweep.   Sustainability is of paramount  importance to us.

OCS is the umbrella term for the global (petro)chemical industry's efforts to minimise the amount of plastic particles finding their way into the environment (the water, the ocean).  An important part of this is the cleaning / blowing of trucks.  CYAGO has named this



OCT, Operation Clean Truck


Trucks can be filled with up to 10 000 kilos of plastic granules. During the filling of the trucks, via a manhole at the top, there is a risk of spilling granules around the manhole. Then as the trucks leave the site,  granules end up on public roads, and via the rain, in gutters, sewers, rivers, seas and oceans.






Our installations consist, as standard, of a tunnel, a blower, air knives, piping and an electrical cabinet. The blower with inlet silencer is mounted on a chassis next to the OCTRON installation. The customised air knives are capable of blowing off the plastic granules. The piping is made out of stainless steel.

In 2013, we installed a first installation for Total (in Feluy, Belgium).  In 2015, the United Nations established the Sustainable Development Goals, a new global sustainable development agenda for 2030. These are promoted as global sustainable development goals.  The result of these sustainable development goals, which include OCS, has seen a continued demand for OCT.

In 2019, we built another installation.  In 2020, three more installations were started up in the Netherlands.  2021 will begin with an installation in France.

With our ‘YOBO’ spirit of Octron, we are happy to be able to contribute to a sustainable world.