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Pioneering at Feluy in 2014

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Our company CYAGO NV offers blow-off tunnels to the petrochemical industry. These blow-off facilities blow plastic pellets off trucks before they leave the site. This way, those plastic pellets do not end up in nature or on the road. All this fits into the framework of Operation Clean Sweep, Zero Pellet Loss. CYAGO builds these tunnels under the OCTRON brand.

Operation Clean Sweep, aiming at zero pellet loss, is a worthy initiative to minimise the spread of plastic pellets into the environment. By implementing such technologies, CYAGO contributes to reducing the impact of plastic on ecosystems and preventing further pollution.

A major French petrochemical player ordered our first OCTRON tunnel for its site in Felluy in 2013. We installed this 12-metre tunnel in collaboration with a partner at the exit of their site. Admirable, they are among the first to install a truck blow-off tunnel like this for Operation Clean Sweep‘s ‘zero pellet loss’ objective. We are proud to have contributed to this with CYAGO using our OCTRON.


‘Preventing plastic pollution in nature is crucial!

Eespecially in the petrochemical industry where plastic pellets are often a source of pollution. The fact that CYAGO offers blow-off tunnels under its OCTRON brand to remove plastic pellets before trucks leave the site is a positive step towards environmental awareness and sustainability.’


Thibault Castel, Sales & Projects @ CYAGO NV



‘That’s great to hear!

The fact that a major player in the petrochemical industry installed its first OCTRON tunnel back in 2013 marks an important milestone in its environmental conservation and sustainability efforts. It is commendable that they played a pioneering role by installing a blow-off tunnel so early as part of Operation Clean Sweep. The partnership between CYAGO and the other party to realise this tunnel demonstrates the power of collaboration in the pursuit of environmentally friendly solutions. It confirms the commitment of both companies and individuals to actively contribute to reducing plastic pollution and promoting a cleaner environment.’

Johan Wyckaert, CEO @ CYAGO NV

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