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2 new OCTRON blow-off units

A step forward towards zero pellet loss

A well-known global player in plastic pellet production has installed an 2 OCTRON tunnels.  This installation blows pellets off trucks before they hit the road.  In the first quarter of 2023, the pellet blowing plant was launched at the polymer production facility in Meerhout.  The start-up in Zwijndrecht then followed at the end of the year.  CYAGO NV is proud and pleased with the successful realisation of both projects.

The OCTRON removes leftover plastic pellets from loaded trucks before they hit public roads to prevent their unintended release into nature.  The investment is part of Operation Clean Sweep, an initiative of the European plastics federation Plastics Europe in which Essenscia, sector companies, logistics partners and plastics processors are working closely together in the quest for zero pellet loss.







The Zwijndrecht and Meerhout chemical sites in Belgium are pleased to be the first in the Benelux to achieve OCS certification.  OCS, Operation Clean Sweep, is a programme dedicated to prevent the loss of plastic pellets, for example when they are transported.

Pellets are plastic grains produced at these sites.  Meerhout’s managing director posted the following on LinkedIn: ‘”Plastics are valuable, but they should not end up in the environment.  From transport to production, in various ways and in cooperation with the entire value chain, we are committed to preventing pellet loss: through investments, procedures and training of employees and contractors.  For example, we also recently commissioned a blow-off unit that blows off leftover pellets from trucks before they hit the road.  This OCS certification is a great representation of the efforts to tackle plastic waste in the environment.”

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