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A new OCTRON pellet tunnel in Tarragona for Dow Chemical Iberica S.L.

OCTRON tunnel Dow Chemicals Iberica

Dow Chemical Iberica S.L. recently implemented an OCTRON blow-off system that clears residual pellets from trucks before they hit the road. CYAGO NV is proud and delighted with the successful realization of this project. The on-site construction was accomplished in collaboration with Dow Chemical Iberica S.L. itself.

The OCTRON Pellet Tunnel is situated at their southern site in La Canonja, near Tarragona in Spain. This tunnel prevents the loss of plastic pellets in the surrounding environment. Before a loaded truck leaves the site, it is purged of pellets using this OCTRON blow-off system. The primary objective is clear: no pellet should end up in the environment. The tunnel prevents pellet loss and ensures they can be recycled. Due to their small size and light weight, these pellets can easily be carried by the wind. That’s why the tunnel encloses the truck, blowing it free of pellets through multiple nozzles, allowing the trucks to depart clean.

Octron tunnel DOW Chemical Iberica

What does this tunnel do exactly?

Director of the Dow Industrial Complex in Tarragona, explains:

The Pellet Tunnel operates in 3 phases:

  1. Upon the truck’s arrival, the roof and sides are blown clean, causing all pellets to fall to the ground.
  2. Next, the floor is swept with air, directing the pellets to a collection channel.
  3. Finally, these pellets are led to a collection bin through an automatic water sweeping process. The amount water can be adjusted based on truck frequency or weather conditions.”

With this investment, Dow Chemical Iberica S.L. reaffirms its commitment to the global OCS program. Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) is a worldwide initiative by the plastic industry to prevent the unintended release of plastic particles into the environment throughout all stages of the plastic value chain: production, handling, transportation, transformation, and recycling. Plastics are valuable but should not end up in the environment. From transport to production, in various ways and in collaboration with the entire value chain, efforts are made to prevent pellet loss; through investments, procedures, and training of employees and contractors. With this step, the company has invested in a more sustainable future, specifically by acquiring this unique OCTRON Pellet Tunnel, aimed at protecting the environment and avoiding microplastics.

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