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Blowing off pellets on trucks

Blowing off pellets on trucks, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

CYAGO built a unique custom installation for blowing off plastic pellets on trucks.

A Belgian branch of a major international oil company loads trucks with polymer pellets. However, when the trucks are loaded in bulk through manholes, pellets often remain behind around the manholes. When the trucks leave the loading station, these pellets end up on the ground. These are then driven over and spread out in the area.

In order to maintain good neighbourly relations and a clean front door, our customer opted for “no pellet loss“. The lost pellets are recovered and valorised by the customer. No plastic pellets end up on the street or in nature.

The Ronair installation consists of a blowing off tunnel with air knives, a blower, piping and an electrical cabinet.

The blowing off tunnel was designed by the customer in collaboration with us. The tunnel is closed to reduce noise hindrance and has a grid in the ground to collect the blown off pellets. Support structures are provided to attach the air knives.

Three low-pressure air knives blow the pellets off in the blowing off tunnel. The first air knife with a length of 1100 mm blows most of the pellets off the roof. Two other air knives, each with a length of 1800 mm, then take care of the rest of the pellets.

  • The blower with inlet silencer has a capacity of 22kW. It is mounted on a chassis next to the tunnel and blows air through the air knives.
  • The piping consists of a distribution collector and supply duct. The pipes are made of stainless steel.
  • The freestanding electrical cabinet consists of a Siemens frequency controller that controls the blower. The stainless steel cabinet is located next to the installation and is controlled locally. Through a badge, the system knows which vehicles should be blown off and which should not.

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