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Our method

The customer is looking for a drying solution for his product

1. The customer is looking for a drying solution for his product

Our client is a manufacturer of products that get wet during the production process. The water droplets cause problems, for example, with labelling, packaging or during camera inspection of the products.

Collecting parameters

2. Collecting parameters

During the first meeting  with the customer, we make an overview of all of the important parameters, such as type of product, the speed of the conveyor belt, noise requirements, any adjustment possibilities, etc.

Performing lab tests

3. Performing laboratory tests

In our specialised lab, we carry out drying tests on product samples sent by the customer. Based on the results, we compile a test report.

Analysis with the customer

4. Analysis with the customer

Based on the test report, the customer evaluates the results. We then invite the customer to carry out new tests to validate the test protocol and the quality of the results. We undertake to supply an installation with the same degree of efficiency (or drying rate) in real operating conditions at full capacity.

Development of the drying solution

5. Development of the drying solution

The principle of the drying solution is developed with the help of sketches and diagrams. During this step, we also make a rough estimate of the budget and everything is discussed with the client. Adjusting the technical and/or commercial specifications is a process that is repeated as often and for as long as necessary.


6. Engineering

Engineering starts after receiving the official order from the customer and their approval of the schematic representation of the solution. We then compile all the technical details and, if necessary, carry out additional drying tests. The technical drawings are submitted to the customer for final approval.

Production and assembly

7. Production and assembly

Production is started after official and final approval of the technical drawings by the customer. Next, the assembly and quality control of the installation takes place at the CYAGO site in Kortrijk. At the request of the customer, the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) can also be carried out at our site.

On site installation

8. On-site installation

We leveren de machine op de site van de klant en gaan over tot de installatie.  We zorgen ervoor dat de klant over alle nodige informatie beschikt en blijven ook aanwezig tijdens de opstart!

Contact us if you would like us to perform drying tests on your product.