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Glass jars

This RONAIR drying solution is designed to dry glass jars with different sizes and lids. The jars must be dried to allow labeling after they exit the scrubber and are then immediately packed in cardboard boxes.

The installation we built consists of a small module with a blower and filter, and a bigger drying module. This module is equipped with an air knife to dry the top of the pots and drying plates that take care of the sides. In addition, special nozzles are used to blow off the lid and the bottom of the jar. The built-in belt conveyor system guides the products through the installation.

This installation is custom designed and has some interesting features:


  • The installation is totally enclosed, so that personnel safety is guaranteed.
  • Equipped with acoustic sound panels to avoid noise nuisance during operation.
  • Supplied with an autonomous control unit, based on the needs of the customer
  • Prevents the use of compressed air: less noise, more cost and energy efficient.
  • Hygienic design in stainless steel to achieve maximum ease in cleaning and maintenance.