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An efficient blow-off system for NLMK Clabecq

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Drying unit for hot melt pillows


A Ronair drying solution with two separate modules was designed for this application. The drying module also includes three drying plates: two above the conveyor belt and one larger one just below the strings. We also use nozzles to dry the sides of the product. Silicone wheels are positioned near the nozzles to keep the […]

Drying unit for spray bottles

We designed a Ronair machine that consists of two separate modules and that can easily be integrated around the existing conveyor of the customer. (conveyor belt speed: 35m/min) One module contains a fan, filter and electrical cabinet. The CB12 blower is controlled by a frequency inverter with integrated Profinet module that makes it possible to […]

Blowing off water from train wagons

Blowing off water from train wagons, CYAGO, Drying and blowing solutions

OCTRON built a unique custom installation for blowing off water from train wagons. An Antwerp branch of a large international transport company handles and transports sugar in bulk. They arrange transport of goods on land, at sea and in the air. The transport of sugar on land is carried out by freight trains. The sugar […]

Dryer for sealing profiles

CYAGO has designed a series of Ronair dryers for Sealynx, a major player in sealing for the automotive industry. After the extruded sealing profiles went through the cooling bath and just before they are rolled up, drying of the profiles is necessary. A lot of manufacturers therefore make use of compressed air. But there are […]

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