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Ronair drying unit for hot melt pillows

Our customer is a worldwide market leader in adhesives.

 The bags or chubs of hot melt adhesive that they produce in small and large format must be dried before they are packaged.




A Ronair drying solution with two separate modules was designed for this application.

The drying module also includes three drying plates: two above the conveyor belt and one larger one just below the strings. We also use nozzles to dry the sides of the product. Silicone wheels are positioned near the nozzles to keep the bags of glue in position when air is blown onto them.







The other module contains a fan, filter and electrical cabinet with PLC control. The Touch Panel can be used to control the air pressure and the speed of the supply conveyor and belts. At the request of the customer, process visualisation can also be displayed on this screen.

While carrying out the factory acceptance test (FAT) the Ronair machine achieved a noise level below 80dB(A).