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DRYCUP® cup drying technology



DRYCUP®, the name says it all: this is the best solution for drying reusable drinking cups.  First a wet one, then a dry one. 


At big events, in large offices, in short, wherever large numbers of people come together, reusable drinking cups are being more widely used. This is not only a sustainable and environmentally conscious development, the resulting cooperation between companies, sheltered workplaces and  sport, culture and youth federations also gives it a social dimension.

CYAGO is happy to contribute to this.  With DRYCUP® we offer 'the' dryer for reusable cups.  'YOBO' is the spirit.










  • up to 10800 cups per hour
  • machine length: +- 2500 mm ( excluding in feed and out feed conveyors)
  • blower unit length: +- 1500 mm
  • blower can be placed at the top or at the side of the machine
  • All in stainless steel
  • noise level limited to 80 dB(A) at 1m

YOBO, You Only Blow Once