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Ronair drying unit for spray bottles



Our customer is a developer of various household products, some of which are sold in plastic spray bottles. After the application of the shrink sleeves, these bottles need to be dried before they can be packaged in cardboard boxes.


We designed a Ronair machine that consists of two separate modules and that can easily be integrated around the existing conveyor of the customer. (conveyor belt speed: 35m/min)


One module contains a fan, filter and electrical cabinet. The CB12 blower is controlled by a frequency inverter with integrated Profinet module that makes it possible to establish the connection at a distance.



The drying module consists of an air knife to dry the top of the bottles and drying boxes for the sides.

Since the noise level was a very important factor for the customer (maximum of 75dB(A) allowed), additional efforts were needed to reduce the noise as much as possible:

  • The addition of prolonged sound-reducing in- and outlet tunnels with extra dividers on both ends of the drying module
  • The placement of sound-absorbing panels on the inside of the module

During the FAT, the Ronair machine complied with the agreed requirements.