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Retrofitted drying solution for doypacks baby food

This Ronair drying system was originally designed to dry containers of baby food. We had to retrofit the machine so that it could dry doypacks of baby food instead.

Our customer, a French manufacturer of ready-made baby food, wanted to switch from containers to food pouches on a production line. So they asked us to retrofit the existing Ronair drying installation. The installation should have a capacity of 49 doypacks per minute and the possibility to dry four different sizes.


This installation is custom designed and has some special features:

  • Adjustable in height
  • Retrofitted installation
  • Complete enclosure with acoustic sound panels
  • Possibility to dry multiple sizes

The installation we retrofitted for this purpose is equipped with three units: the dryer unit, the blower unit and the electrical unit.

  • The dryer unit is divided into a top and bottom module. The top module consists of four air knives to dry the products and is manually adjustable in height. The bottom module, with conveyor, consists of a drying box fitted with plastic panels with grooves. The cap and bottom are blown off using four nozzles.

  • The blower unit consists of an EP10 blower with a power of 15kW. The blower has two filters: one on the blower itself and one on top of the unit. Both the dryer and blower modules are equipped with a complete enclosure with acoustic sound panels in order to meet the noise requirement of 80dB(A).

  • The electrical unit consists of one frequency control for the blower and one for the conveyor. The control is carried out by a start/stop on the cabinet.