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This RONAIR drying solution is developed to dry cables and wires for clients in the extrusion sector. After the strings of extruded plastic went through the cooling bath and just before they are rolled up, drying of the cables is necessary.

The installation we designed for this application consists of 6 air knives which are fed by a side channel blower. Furthermore, the machine is provided with a guidance system at the entrance and exit, and a pressure meter to be able to consult the level of pollution of the external filter.

The cable dryer has more than one advantage:

  • Avoids the use of compressed air, thus reducing noise considerably
  • Complete system that captures the escaping water properly, so it does not re-enter the production process
  • An economical solution: expensive compressed air is replaced
  • Only limited maintenance of the installation is necessary
  • Guaranteed return on investment in only a few months