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Blowing off vehicules

Ronair offers the solution for blowing off vehicles. We remove among other things water, granules and dust from trucks, trains, cars, etc.

Our installations consist by default of a blower, air knives, piping and an electrical cabinet. The blower with inlet silencer is mounted on a chassis next to the drying installation. The custom air knives are able to blow off the entire vehicle. The piping is made of stainless steel. The electrical cabinet consists of a Siemens frequency controller that controls the blower. The stainless steel cabinet is located next to the installation and can be controlled locally or remotely by a PROFINET signal.


Onder de eigen merknaam OCTRON® biedt CYAGO volgens de yobo-spirit op maat ontworpen afblaasoplossingen voor Operation Clean Truck.  Deze installaties blazen kunststof korrels van vrachtwagens en bieden voor u een oplossing in het OCS-project, Operation Clean Sweep.   Duurzaamheid dragen wij hoog in het vaandel.

This installation is custom designed and has some interesting features:

  • Supplied with an autonomous control unit, based on the needs of the customer.
  • Prevents the use of compressed air: less noise, more cost and energy efficient.
  • Air knives made to measure.
  • Constructed from stainless steel to achieve maximum ease of cleaning and maintenance.