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Air knives


If you are removing moisture, swarf or static charge from conveyed materials, or looking to evenly distribute coatings onto a product, airknife systems are the total solution.

Powered by a centrifugal blower, an airknife system is a low pressure, high volume air-delivery tool that is designed specifically to blow-off all surface liquid/moisture, clean web materials and thoroughly dry all components and produce.

Their ease of installation and low energy consumption makes them an efficient, cost effective solution providing significant savings over alternative thermal and compressed-air systems.

Comparision to compressed air

Blower-driven air produced by an air knife system will be:

  • More cost effective to operate - reducing running and maintenance costs by up to 90%
  • Quieter - due to lower pressure operation the expansion ratio and turbulence of the air produced is reduced significantly
  • Cleaner - blower-driven air is both dry and oil free, no additional filtration is required
  • Safer - compressed air operates at high pressure and always has the potential of being a danger to employee safety
  • More efficient – Blower-driven air can reduce energy usage by 50-75% for the most applications

Stainless steel air knives

These airknives are fabricated from stainless steel – a material that is perfectly suited for harsh or corrosive environments, in particular the food industry where cleanliness is of paramount importance.

Stainless steel airknives can be readily adapted to suit specific individual customer needs.

  • Material Stainless Steel 304 S11 1-4307 BSI449. Fittings to the same specification
  • Various mounting and inlet configurations are available
  • Airknife lengths available in 10mm increments, upto a maximum of 4 metres
  • Alternative positions for inlets available
  • A variety of shapes can be produced, such as chevrons, squares and multiple angles

Aluminium air knives

A fabricated construction, these airknives can be adapted to suit individual customer needs.

  • Anodised Aluminium Alloy AA25 with Stainless Steel Fittings (304)
  • Two diameters available - 50mm (AK05) and 76mm (AK08)
  • Available in lengths of 10mm increments, with a maximum length of 3.5 metres
  • Various mounting options are available including studs/spigots and tapped holes
  • Longer inlets are available as necessary. Multiple inlets will be required for longer airknife lengths
  • Adjustable slot width
  • Weights
    • AK05 is 0.11kg, plus 2kg per metre
    • AK08 is 0.5kg, plus 3kg per metre

Modular stainless steel air knives

Our modular air knives are fabricated from Stainless Steel 314, and are fitted with plastic moulded end plates and inlets. This means that they have all the characteristics suited for harsh and corrosive environments, in particular the food industry, but they are not fully welded.

De voornaamste voordelen van dit 'nieuwe' gamma luchtmessen zijn de volgende:

Production speed

Simple cleaning

Production costs

Opties en kenmerken

  • Materiaal van de luchtkamer: roestvrij staal 304 S11 1-4307 BSI449. Bevestigingen met dezelfde specificaties.
  • Beschikbare lengtes in voorraad: 600 mm, 1200 mm en maximum 2000 mm. Aangepaste lengtes op verzoek (max. 2000 mm) zijn ook beschikbaar.
  • Inlaten: zowel aan einde als centraal beschikbaar
  • Montage: stiftbout of blanco pen
  • Volledig aanpasbare breedte van de gleuf
  • Plastic onderdelen: goedgekeurd door de FDA