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JetBlack blow-off cleaning stations

The JetBlack cleaning station is an easy-to-use alternative to compressed air that offers organizations peace of mind and users a completely safe solution for personnel de-dusting and blow-down operations.

Compressed air has the potential to be very dangerous, even fatal if misused, particularly if it comes into direct contact with bare skin. Installing a JetBlack Personnel Cleaning Station allows all employees to safely ‘clean-down’ without putting themselves into any danger.


Why is the JetBlack a better alternative to compressed air?

  • Safer

The JetBlack produces high volume, low pressure air (173 mBar) which poses no threat to personal safety

  • Cost effective

Blower powered air produced by the JetBlack costs up to 90% less than the equivalent compressed air generation

  • Low noise emissions

The JetBlack is typically quieter than most compressed air nozzle arrangements

Wall mounted JetBlack

The JetBlack is a simple, yet very effective tool, suitable for any manufacturing or production facility where employees need to quickly clean themselves down.


  • Designed for positioning at any exit/entry point of all manufacturing and production facilities or workshops
  • High grade plastics - designed to reliably operate within the toughest working environments
  • Touch button for pre-timed on/off operation
  • 115V & 230V - 50/60Hz units available
  • Robust hose allows for full body de-dusting (1.42M/56” long)
  • Produces high volume (58cfm) - low pressure air (2.75PSIG)
  • Stainless steel cover available for outdoor use
  • Easily maintained
  • Motor power – 1400W

Portable JetBlack

The portable version of the JetBlack is designed primarily for component or work area cleaning applications.


  • Designed for component cleaning or workspace cleaning applications
  • Robust hose supplied (2.44M/96” long)
  • 115V & 230V - 50/60Hz units available
  • Easy to carry – weighs less than 7Kgs
  • Controllable motor speed – allows speed/airflow to be varied (full power – 1/3 capability)
  • 3m cable – fitted with standard UK plug
  • Motor power – 1400W