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OCTRON® blows your vehicle pellet-free

What's OCS?

It is impossible to imagine our topicality without the plastics problem: our planet is flooded by it. Plastics in all shapes and sizes end up into our nature which is very harmful to fauna and flora. Society is gradually becoming more and more aware and masses of small and large-scale actions are being set up. An important example of this is "Operation Clean Sweep (OCS)". OCS is an international initiative of PlasticsEurope. They try to create more awareness in the industrial plastics sector. They want to encourage producers to take more measures to prevent the loss of plastic powders, flakes and pellets. The ultimate goal: "zero pellet loss". As a result, companies are not only committed to the environment, but also to their own efficiency and image. Many companies have already joined this programme.


How can CYAGO help you with that?


OCS lists in their annual report a whole series of solutions that can prevent pellet waste. One of them is "a blow-off installation". When microplastics have to be transported, it happens easily that residues are left on the vehicles, which then end up in nature. A blow-off installation can keep vehicles clean from such residues in a controlled environment. Let it be so that CYAGO is a specialist in blowing off vehicles.

CYAGOhas extensive knowledge and experience in air knife technology. We are happy to assist companies in their quest for zero pellet loss. One of our customers wanted a solution for their pellet waste. The large international oil company loads trucks via manholes with polymer pellets. During the filling process, pellets are always left behind around the manholes, which then fall off the truck and end up in the wild. With our help, a blow-off tunnel with air knives, blower, piping and an electrical cabinet was installed. When a truck drives through the tunnel, the air knives blow off the pellets and they are collected, recovered and valorized. In this way, they too are one step closer to zero pellet loss. Read more about this specific case here.