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How do airknives work?

A blower feeds air to the airknives drying system by putting pressure on the air in a collector. The air will escape through narrow slots at the right speed to push away the drops. This air, or rather thin curtain of air, also absorbs ambient air which increases the system’s efficiency even more.

The air is characterized by high velocity but at a low pressure, i.e. sufficient to blow away the drops.

This results in a low energy consumption 

Making this type of drying system very suitable for the drying of different kinds of products.

An airknife blower-driven drying system has a number of important advantages compared to an alternative such as compressed air:


  • Low energy consumption (i.e. low operational costs and a quick return-on-investment)
  • Low noise levels
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Clean, oil-free and dry air
  • Easy installation
  • Safe thanks to the low pressure


In addition, CYAGO drying solutions exist in different configurations, providing an appropriate and efficient solution for every application and situation.