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6 key points to ensure an optimal efficiency of your air knives

Powered by a centrifugal blower, an airknife system is a low pressure, high volume air-delivery tool that is designed specifically to blow-off all surface liquid/moisture, clean web materials and thoroughly dry all components and products. Their ease of installation and low energy consumption makes them an efficient, cost effective solution providing significant savings over alternative thermal and compressed air systems.

However, some key points are very important to ensure an optimal efficiency of your air knives.

Here you can find the 6 most significative aspects when installing and implementing your air knives:


1. Ensure that the Airknives cover the entire surface that needs to be dried, not exceeding an angle of 45°. The optimum angle is 35°.

2. Ensure that the Airknives are turned in towards the product at a 5-10° angle.

3. Ensure that the Airknives remain as close as possible to the product (within a distance of 5-10 mm). The guide rails of the conveyor will need to be cut or interrupted near the Airknives.

4. Never open or close the air gap of the Airknives - leave the factory settings on at all time.

5. All tappings on the Airknives must remain capped if there are no nozzles fitted.

6. Ensure a minimum air flow (of about 20% of the nominal air flow) to allow the blower to cool off.